Arizona Wins Clean Energy Grant to Expand Access to Low-Cost Energy Options for Over 11,000 Arizonans

Saguaro Mountain
May 13, 2024

News Release

April 22, 2024


$156 million Solar for All Arizonans will improve home comfort and lower energy costs


Phoenix, AZ - Today, the Governor’s Office of Resiliency (OOR) was selected to receive $156 million from the EPA’s Solar for All grant program to improve access to rooftop and neighborhood-scale solar generation for all Arizonans. The Solar for All Arizonans program plans to deploy just over 61 MW of new solar resources throughout the state, benefitting thousands of low-income families, renters, and rural and Tribal communities.

“Solar for All Arizonans is a critical program that will lower energy costs for thousands of Arizonans,” said Governor Katie Hobbs. “In addition to directly providing Arizona families with clean, affordable electricity, Solar for All Arizonans will open new opportunities for our home grown solar industry, and create good-paying jobs in communities all across the state.”

The innovative Solar for All Arizonans program will provide numerous benefits for families throughout Arizona, including over $164 million in bill savings for participating families, freeing up household budgets for food, medicine, and other essential expenses. OOR will partner with electric utilities, especially Tribal utility authorities, to deploy neighborhood-scale solar and provide utility bill credits for thousands of Arizonans renting in multi-family housing. Additionally, over 300 rural households will benefit from solar plus battery systems for their homes, protecting them from electricity service disruption.

“The Governor’s Office of Resiliency is pleased to partner with financing institutions and community-based organizations to provide distributed solar and battery benefits to Arizonans in all parts of the state,” said OOR Director Maren Mahoney. “Energy access and affordability is critical in Arizona, especially during our long, hot summers. Arizona is a leader in clean energy generation, and this program will open new pathways for families previously unable to tap into the many benefits of our flourishing clean energy economy.”

The Office of Resiliency expects to begin the Solar for All Arizonans program by the end of 2024.